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All auto dealerships want to sell you a vehicle - us included. But, how many of them want to buy your vehicle, even if you don't want to buy one? That's pretty rare, but it's what we do here at Star Nissan.

When we say we want to buy your car, we mean exactly that. Regardless of whether you own your vehicle or have an existing loan we're confident we can provide an easy and simple process and an offer you're happy with. So, why should you sell us your vehicle? Here's why:


  • Fast and Free Appraisal: It can take under half an hour, while you wait!
  • Professional Appraisers: Our team of experienced appraisers are professionally trained with extensive years of practice in the industry.
  • No Obligation: We'll buy your car regardless of whether you buy one of ours.  If you don't like our offer you're welcome to shop around or decline. 
  • Fast Payment: Once you've accepted our offer, you'll receive payment instantly on the spot!
  • Simple Process: Selling your car on your own requires significant effort on your part. When you sell to us there's no need to run classified ads, field phone calls or meet with strangers.
  • Walk Away Freely: No need to worry about any issues with a dissatisfied customer later on.  The dealership assumes all of the responsibility and you can walk away carefree. 


Call us today at 888-662-6956 to schedule an appointment today!

At Star Nissan, We'll Buy Your Car, Even If You Don't Buy Ours!

All car dealerships want to sell you a vehicle, and we're no exception, but there is a difference here at Star Nissan: we want to buy your car, too-even if you don't buy one from us!

Why Should I Sell My Car at Star Nissan?

  • Our appraisals are fast and free. We can get you an offer in-hand in as little as thirty minutes, and you can enjoy our comfortable customer's lounge while you wait.
  • Unlike most private buyers, our team of appraisers have years of experience and are professionally trained, which means you'll get a fair and accurate offer for your vehicle, rather than whatever the guy down the street offers.
  • We want buy your car, even if you don't buy one of ours. We do all we can to make fair and accurate offers, but you're always free to shop around for a better one or decline us outright, and if you do, we're still more than happy to work with you to find a new vehicle to replace the outgoing one.
  • At some used car lots, it can seem like an eternity before you see payment for your vehicle, but when you sell your car at Star Nissan, the moment you accept our offer, you'll receive payment-simple as that.
  • We can save you tons of time and stress by streamlining the selling process. When you sell your vehicle on your own, you have to make your own ads, field your own calls, and meet your potential buyers, which is a lot of effort and time to invest when you could much more easily sell your vehicle here!
  • When you do a deal with us, you don't have to worry about any disgruntled buyers coming back with complaints, issues, or questions even-Star Nissan takes on all responsibility when we buy your car, so you're able to walk away free and clear!

Alright, I'm In! What Are the Next Steps?

If you're ready to sell your vehicle to us, we're ready to buy! Whether you're planning to buy one of our new or pre-owned Nissan models or you just want to sell your car with a reputable and fair dealership, the next steps are easy; give us a call at (888) 662-6956 to set an appointment for appraisal, and we'll take it from there. Once you bring the vehicle in, our professional appraisal team will get right to work determining the value of your car or SUV, delivering you a fair and honest offer as quickly as possible. Our offer stands, even if you want to shop around a bit, and you're always free to turn us down.


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